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Black eyes, hellhounds, the full demonic package. you'll probably find me in my bookshop, fair prices, one book for your soul.

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"I know I think everybody feels that way around me. So don’t worry you’re not alone. Just know that you don’t have to hold back. I am perfectly fine with being showered in your admiration.”


"I wouldn’t be making that promise too soon, you don’t know what you’re signing yourself up for. Who knows… I could be a cuddler?! Just imagine that - me. 24/7. Throw in some cuddles? You’re done for Ellie.”

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The Little Devil’s Bookshop | Lilith & Scarlett


 Lilith was slightly taken aback by the other woman’s change in demeanor. It was quite obvious that Lilith had said something that offended her. But, Lilith couldn’t understand what. True, the topic of demons, exorcisms- religion in general -was one that still conjured up a bit of a controversy. But, this was a bookshop. Most- if not all -Lilith had ever seen contained all kinds of books with all kinds of content. Surely this bookshop was no different. Lilith, herself, was a little offended at the other woman’s reaction. Was it really any of her business to know why Lilith was interested in such books? Lilith didn’t think so. Even so, Lilith held onto her calm composure. “Research.” She responded without hesitation. Her voice held only slight annoyance, covered by a cool & slight sweet tone, as she continued to hold a soft smile.

Scarlett quickly composed herself, shaking her head quickly and letting loose a high, forced laugh. “Forgive me if I seemed blunt, I am afraid you took me quite by surprise there,” She lied, before indicating with her finger for the customer to follow her, using her knowledge of the shop to lead her straight to more books on demonology and all things mythical or religious. “Here are the rest of the books you may be interested, feel free to look into any of them, but please, some of these are extremely old, but you seem to be handy with books,” She pointed out, as she had seen some people simply mistreat the book Lilith had in her hand.

A Big Break {closed rp with nxwbiecop}

This day couldn’t possibly get any better, a nice, long night out, shacking up in a car and then slicing his throat did wonders for a girl’s mood. A new, less bloody outfit later and Scarlett was in her shop, humming idly as she resorted some of the books, checking for any damages as she did so. She was so caught up in her work she hardly noticed the door of her shop open, only turning when she heard it bang closed.

"Sorry, I hardly noticed you there, may I help you?" She asked, grinning at the new customer.

I dare you to kiss...Raziel! (rxziel) ;)



she knows the anon is you nina….

+spellbooksandsulphur has entered the bookshop


"Yes I’m sure I will." Ele replied, only rolling her eyes slightly. She started walking towards the door, her book in hand. "Thanks for your help." The demon stated, she was still a little skeptical as to whether the sigil would work or not but why not give it a try. "Now I know where to get the good books I’m sure I’ll be back." Ele called over her shoulder before exiting the sop and heading for the tattoo parlor.



"You can stop crying, I have returned." Ele called out with a smirk as she entered the bookshop. It had only been a few months since her last visit. "I know you will have missed me deeply, Scarlett." She added, stepping further into the shop and heading straight for the section that contained the spellbooks. "But unfortunately I won’t be staying long. Much to your dismay, I am sure." The demon half shouted from behind a bookshelf. She hadn’t even checked to see if Scarlett was at the till, she just walked straight to where she knew the books she needed would be.

"Stop crying for joy I think you mean," Scarlett called out as she heard the overly familiar voice, quickly placing the books back in their shelves before turning back to Ele. "Oh, believe me, it has been torture without you,” She played along, smirking as she headed to the shelves full of antique spell books, and sure enough, there was the younger demon. “You will not stay? My heart is shattered my dear, in shards on the floor,” Scarlett sighed, placing her hands over the heart sewn on her corset, watching Ele intently.

"Another spell book? I will have to ‘order’ a new batch if you keep it up like this," She joked, wondering if that voodoo bitch witch across the road had anything valuable that she could scare out of her again. “So, you got the tattoo yet? I am positively dying to see it.”

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Emilie Autumn
↳ Throughout the years [Enchant - Fight Like A Girl]

This pretty much sums EA up. 

She’s getting older and prettier…

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Jane and Louise Wilson

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