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Black eyes, hellhounds, the full demonic package. you'll probably find me in my bookshop, fair prices, one book for your soul.

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"Well then, if you aren’t going to leave, the least you can do is stop complaining about stupid statues."


"I know aren’t you a lucky duck."

"Fine, fine, whatever. Just remember I’m a faster runner than you are, so you’re the creepy angel statue snack, not me."

"Just the luckiest, I have a whole pond to drown you in,"

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"Fine. How about you go look for the creepy missing statue?"


"If you scream…well I’ll walk in the opposite direction."

"How about no, if someone else is in this warehouse who isn’t some crazy teenager getting kicks off of being stupid, I’m not going to go alone,"

"That’s friendship right there Ele,"

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"Ha ha. you’re hilarious."


"Are you sure you didn’t just miscount them. It is pretty dark in here."

"I know I am, but now isn’t the time to be pointing out my many assets!"

"Have you seen those things? Pretty hard to miscount!" 

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"Like I’m gonna believe that. Do I look like an idiot to you?"


"Piss off. You’re not actually trying to suggest they moved?”

"I don’t think you want me to answer that honestly,"

"I’m not trying to suggest anything, I’m telling you that one of the statues is missing!”

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